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  • Maxime Cudeville

Round 1: Aragon

Day 1: Free practice

Opening of the season on a cold and wet track.

I finish FP1 in 10th but not all the riders participate because of the conditions.

For the second session the track was dry - I was able to quickly put myself in a good rhythm thanks to the tests three weeks ago.

I improve in a second pass to take the 16th place with a low 1.57 without changing tyre which is encouraging for the first laps on the dry.

I feel better and better on the bike but there is still a lot of work to do to reduce the time with the drivers who precede me.

Day 2: Qualifying

A session that went off without a hitch, I progressed from the previous day to get a rhythm and achieve a 1.56.6.

I still stay on my end with a feeling of "little better".

I meet different genes due to my front train that slips a lot and still an electronics to refine.

And of course still much progress to be made when the pace of some of the competition is simply breathtaking.

But I'm progressing session after session so it's going in the right direction.

Day 3: Race day

A difficult Sunday in Aragon.

Despite a good start where I finish the first lap in 14th position, I ca not find the good feelings of yesterday and my race pace is not the expected one.

I finish this first race of the season in 16th place.

So I will work more with the members of my team, on the pace of racing to be more successful next Sunday.

The progression is still present because I gained 1.3 seconds on my best lap in 2017.

Barely time to rest that we leave in 48 hours, this time in Holland on the legendary circuit ASSEN, a route that I enjoyed last year.

Thanks to all the staff for the consequent work provided throughout the weekend, thank you to my relatives who accompany me in my adventure and my partners.

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