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  • Maxime Cudeville

Round 3: Imola

Day 1: Free Practice

P19 1.54.221

End of the first day of free practice on this demanding circuit.

In the first session I have trouble letting go with a bike that moves a lot.

On the other hand a good second session where I win three seconds with a time of 1.54.2 which is two tenths faster than my best time of last year.

The bike behaves much better, we had the chance to work with our suspension equipment manufacturer MATRIS who came from their Italian factory, to help us this week - thank you

Still many tests tomorrow in the program.

Day 2: Qualification

P18 2.09.8

The rain appeared five minutes before the beginning of our session and moistened only part of the track.

We make the choice to go with wet tyres because one sector of the circuit is totally wet despite another totally dry.

But with the time, the rain increases and wins the whole Circuit.

I'm in a good rhythm putting in a time good enough for P8.

So I decided to come to the pits at mid-session because it rains more and more so the times are struggling to improve.

I stay a long time in the top 10, but the rain stops at the bottom of the circuit, the sun makes an appearance, and with the 25 degrees the track dries quickly and the chronos go down again.

So I take the track but too late, it gives me time to make only a lap time.

I improve my lap time by two seconds but like all the other drivers, which makes me end the session at the 18th position.

Too bad as there was the possibility to gain a really good starting position.

I still retain a rhythm in the rain very interesting.

Now, clean up and rest for the race tomorrow.

Day 3: Race day

A race under heavy heat, which makes the track tricky with less grip and a physically demanding race.

I have a good start but my first two laps are too slow due to some mistakes, the group that precedes me escapes and I find myself in battle with the driver behind me who is very threatening.

I contain a good part of the race being regular in 1.54. I finish in 18th position.

I'm happy to have driven a good pace throughout the race without letting go but I still have to work to get the front group.

The times and especially the pace in the race are improving compared to last year which is positive.

Thank you to all Team Flembbo members for their important involvement!

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