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  • Maxime Cudeville

Round 5: Brno

Maxime Cudeville Brno Circuit

Results Friday

FP1: P16 2.20.5 + 8.9 FP2: P17 2.06.9 + 5.3

I first discover the fabulous circuit of Brno in a wet FP1 – it is so wide and so long (5.4km). Not easy to find these landmarks the first rounds but the grip is ok so a lot of fun on my Kawasaki # 46. I end this session in 16th place. Second session in the afternoon, the sun is back and the track is completely dry. I finish P17. Changes in the settings are expected tomorrow to help get the bike to turn better and reduce the sliding.

Maxime Cudeville Brno Circuit

Results: Race day

P15 // 2.17.4 // + 1´34

Big showers arrive just prior to the grid so it is declared a wet race.

The first lap is close to the apocalypse with hard vision. Starting from 20th place I find myself in a cloud of water spray and I waste a lot of time. As the lap turns the pace increases and I come back on the riders in front of me.

The times go down and I make some overtaking.

Two laps from the end I am on the back wheel of the 13th and 14th riders who are together on the track.

Maxime Cudeville Brno Circuit

I'm a little faster than them on the first part of the circuit but slower in the second.

In the last lap I manage to close the gap but cannot manage to overtake them in the last turns.

So I will finish at a nice 15th place acquired with panache, and I come back from Czech Republic with one more point in this highly competitive championship.

A little disappointed to miss the 13th place but I ride as fast as the 9th and 10th so it remains a positive race.

Thanks to all Team Flembbo for the work.

Photo credit Philippe Saccaro and Thomas Benoit.

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