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  • Maxime Cudeville

Round 6: Misano

Qualification day

P24 1.41.0 + 4.9

Qualification in an overwhelming heat, but I begin with an interesting rhythm and I post a 1:41:0 on used tyres. At mid-session I take a new rear tyre and also takes the opportunity to improve the grip that is difficult to find due to high temperatures. Unfortunately we go in the wrong direction in terms of settings, which disunited the bike a lot and I cannot improve my time. We will keep as a positive point an interesting rhythm for the race of tomorrow.

Race day

P20 + 1’05.233 1.40.7

Departure under a significant heat, when the lights go out I take a catastrophic departure. Fortunately, I manage to sneak in the first two corners to recover my starting position.

But in the third corner I'm a little too generous with the accelerator on the corner and just missing falling.

Several drivers overtake me again and then I continue to make some mistakes on the first two laps.

In short, an early race to forget.

Things calm down, I follow regular laps close to my record and close the gap to the rider in front of me.

With six laps to go I'm 4 seconds behind an Italian rider, a wild-card, who had finished right in front of me at Imola, so it's up to revenge that I will give everything to finish in front of him.

I pick up lap after turn, managing the wear of a very tired front tyre with the heat and post my two best laps of the weekend in the last two laps.

In the end I finished only 0.3 seconds behind the rider in 19th - disappointed because of my disastrous start, but at least I gave everything.

Thank you to all members of Team FLEMBBO for their ever-important involvement.

Photos courtesy of Philippe Saccaro & Thomas Benoit.

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